"ART of Bandhej With customize Tie and Dye Process Here it has designed For You To make yr Wedding , PartY , functions More Glamours with Bandhani TraDitions"

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"ART of Silky SArees with bandhani "

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"Bandhani sale Banarasi sarees in Pure Gadhwaal silk material with highly customze banarasi jari work "

Gharchola Saree

From Mom-in-law to Daughter-in-law with love

Traditionally sought and culturally rich, Gharcholas (sarees/odhanies) are a way of welcoming the new bride
into the groom’s home

Dress Material

"ALL Time FOr Every Fuction be In Traditional Bandhani suit And KalaBandhej Designed For u in different different style of Kutchi Traditions For You"

DUppatas Gaji Silk

"Exclusive bandhani duppats with highly customize bandhani in pure gaji silk material "

Bandhani Duppatas

"Exclusive bandhani duppats with highly customize bandhani in Gravity , Cotton , Reyyon  , ciffon , etc materials for daily Use  "


KalaBandhej ExPerts has Selected ART

"KAlMKARI "Kalamkari or qalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, produced in Iran and India. Its name originates in the Persian,قلمکار which is derived from the words qalam (pen) and kari (craftmanship), meaning drawing with a pen.

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Kutchi Work Dresses

Art of Kutch An Art Of Kutchi Work here Prapared in suit to Change yr Look to wards Kutchi traditions...


Batic Dresses

"Art of Kutch An Art Of Block Pain On Fabric here Prapared for you to make Yr Look to wards Kutchi batic  traditions..."



-Mfg , Wholesaler , Retailer &Online Seller  of designer Bandhani Saree's, GharchoLas, Bandhani Dress Materials , Kurtis and Handicrafts Item's...

Kala Bandhej: The firm has been known for generations as the makers of sophisticated, high quality
and exclusive varieties in Bandhani

So ladies what are you waiting for… Ahead to our store to pamper yourself with our exclusive and royal
collection of badhani sarees , gharchola , dress materials and dupattas.

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