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Double Bed Sheet bed-sheets

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cotton and cotton blends dominate the market. The most common blend being cotton and polyester. Other common fibers used in the manufacturing of bed sheets include linen, silk, Modal and bamboo rayon, lyocell, and polypropylene. Polypropylene (olefin) is a hypoallergenic spun-bound material produced at a low cost and typically used in emergency shelters or hospitals as disposable sheeting.bed-sheets

A top sheet is a flat sheet which bed occupants lie underneath. Blankets, quilts, duvets/comforters and other bed covers are laid over the top sheet, but because of the top sheet they do not directly touch the bed occupant.

However, a top sheet has its own advantages. First, a tucked-in top sheet can provide a comfortable feeling of snugness that duvets cannot, as duvets are not usually large enough to tuck under the mattress.

[clarification needed] Most families prefer to use duvet covers to cover the quilts.

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