Cotton Bandhani Saree

 Cotton Bandhani Saree

Cotton Bandhani Saree By KalaBandhej





‘cotton-bandhani-saree The art of Bandhana is a highly skilled process. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns like Chandrakala, Bavan Baug, Shikari etcetera; depending on the manner in which the cloth is tied. The main colour used in Bandhana are yellow, red, blue, green and black.

Bandhej Saree which is also known as “Bandhani Saree” is specially found in Gujarat. The name bandhani means tying up, as it is taken by Hindi pronoun ‘bandhan’. As per the region of manufacturing the patterns of Bandhej Saree may vary. The fine variety of this type of saree is created in  Bhuj, Kutch,

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