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History of the Kutch kutchiwork Embroidery is traced to the 16th and 17th centuries when people migrated from the countries such as Afghanistan, Greece, Germany, Iran and Iraq to Gujarat.[1] It is also said that cobblers known as Mochis were trained in this art form by the Muslim sufi saints of Sindh.[2] The art form became a vocation for women of Kutch not only to meet their own clothing requirements but also to make a living, in view of severe dry and very hot conditions of Kutch. It became a generational art with the skills taught from mother to daughter. They embroidered clothes for festive occasions and to decorate deities and to create a source of income

The product is made in several villages in the Kutch district, which lie within the geographical coordinates of 24°44′8″N 68°07′23″E and 24°41′30″N 71°46′45″E. These villages are Abdasa, Anjar, Bhachau, Bhuj, Lakhpat, Mandvi, Mundra, Nakhatrana, and Raper


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